Purchasing a Home With a Recording Studio is Not For the Faint of Heart

MTV's hit celebrity television show "Cribs" has shown us that not all recording studios are created equal. With many artists in the music industry opting for recording studios being setup right in the comfort of their own home as opposed to a physical building, more and more individuals are following suit.
In fact, the Los Angeles county housing market is seeing a new type of amenity to add to the list of features a home boasts: recording studios. For instance, one such property, owned by Natalie Portman, featured a "celebrity-friendly" detached recording studio which she purchased for $3,199,000 -- $149,000 above the asking price.
Such homes provide a mix of audio, video, recording, and post-production media rooms for the music industry professional who would much rather enjoy the freedom that their own personally designed music studio provides. Contrary to popular belief, producing a recording from the comfort of your own home does not make the quality any less professional than had it been created in a traditional recording studio.
Another common misconception is that homes with recording studios are often sought after by industry professionals when this could be furthest from the truth. From the individual who dreams of recording his own music, to the person who is honing his craft as a freelance musical engineer or producer, homes with attached recording studios fit almost any demographic.

Owning a home with an attached recording studio is becoming more of a "fashion statement" than we think. Being an active or aspiring musician is not the requirement in order to purchase a home with an attached studio. Take it from MTV Cribs: from NBA Players to soap opera superstars, owning a home with a recording studio has become an amenity that those with money cannot afford to pass up.
Before you consider searching the market for these types of homes, take the time to study how much money you'll be spending on your home in the long run. Purchasing a home with a recording studio is not a wise investment if you are not getting a return on your investment. These homes can range from the low $400,000's to well above multi-million dollar figures so it's important to look at them for more than their "star-quality" persona.
It's important to have an overall knowledge of the types of equipment you'll need to turn your studio into a fully functional recording wonder. Between the sound boards, sound booths, wiring, computer hardware, and overall knowledge required to operate such equipment, purchasing a home with a recording studio is not for an amateur. In addition to purchasing the property the recording studio is housed on, you'll also need to keep in mind the budget required to bring your recording studio up to standard.
Not all homes with a recording studio are created equal. When purchasing any type of home with recording studios attached, it's important to work closely with a Real Estate agent who has experience working with homes related to those in the entertainment and music industry. Doing so will help you avoid purchasing a garage that was converted into a studio as opposed to an estate which was expertly designed to house a mixing room.

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