Tips To Give Your Company Picnic "Bling" To Make It A Big Hit For Everyone!

Throwing a company picnic involves more than just setting a date, hiring a caterer, and choosing a location. Yes, that's the list of basics if you just want a routinely boring event. Your company picnic offers the opportunity to do more than provide some food in a relaxing atmosphere. To get more from your picnic, there are a few things that must happen before the big event.
Goals of Your Company Picnic

First, let's decide what you want to accomplish with the company picnic... do you just want to say thanks to your employees, give employees the chance to get to know each other on a personal basis, to honor an employee, or to celebrate a company event. If you know what you want to accomplish, before you begin to plan your picnic you'll be much more likely to create the atmosphere required to get the desired actions.
Once you know what you want to accomplish choosing the theme for your company picnic becomes much easier. The theme of your company picnic can be centered on the season, a holiday, or it can be company related, such as a new acquisition, or increased performance, or whatever positive event has occurred within the company. Your imagination is the only limit when choosing themes.

Let's say your goal is to provide time for your employees to get to know each other in a more personal way. Team events are a great way to evoke open communication and build unity. Friendly competition gives your employees a chance to be in the limelight and gather support from co-workers. So be sure to include a team event at your picnic.

Choosing the location also plays an important role. Using the previous example, the attendees are much more likely to converse and enjoy each others company if they are in one specific location. Let's say you have decided to hold the company picnic at a local park. Rather than just say come to the park and lunch will be served at twelve. Set times for specific events, like slow pitch softball beginning at 10:30, trail walk for the kids at 11:15, volleyball game at 1:00.
Choosing activities and entertainment for your company picnic also needs to revolve around the theme and your underlying goals. In addition, you need to be sure to keep the needs and tastes of those attending in mind as you plan this aspect of your company picnic. Planning for employees only, versus employees and family results in different types of agendas, so make sure to include activities for every age group within the crowd.
Allow sufficient time to give your attendees advance notice before the company picnic, so they can include your event in their plans. Make sure everyone attending knows the schedule of events and what's happening before the day of the event. This helps everyone be able to prepare and bring any necessary items.
Add the "Bling" to Your Company Picnic

Next it is time to add the "bling". To make your company picnic shine, get creative. Banners, balloons and other decorations add a sense of festivity. Music and entertainment are other components to add to the zest of the picnic.
Giving prizes also adds excitement to a company picnic. Holding a drawing for prizes serves more than one function. These prizes create a sense of employee appreciation. They will also ensure that attendees of the picnic linger and socialize.
Planning, scheduling, and finding providers for food, beverages, entertainment, and music can be time consuming. Finding and meeting with a host of providers and coordinating everything can sometimes be time consuming and put a strain the budget. Often it is easier to contact event planners and compare prices and services.
Using an event planner reduces the time involved and also ensures no detail is omitted. Event planners will assist you with every aspect of your company picnic...even suggesting company picnic ideas. All you need to do is set the specifics of what you want and they will take care of the rest. Everything is be included- food, beverages, activities, entertainment and music.
It is a good idea to confirm everything relating to the picnic plans at least two weeks prior to the event. This allows enough time to solve any problem issues without rush or panic. Even of you have chosen to use an event planner, you still want to make contact to ensure everything is going as scheduled.
Effectively planning your company picnic will create a day of fun and relaxation. Great food, fun activities, good prizes, and hopefully sunny weather along with your creative ideas all comes together for a memorable event. Ready, set...plan and enjoy!

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