Entertainment Noise Warning Systems Used to Promote a Safer Environment

It is a proven fact that exposure to loud live music can result in hearing damage. And although most musicians and employees working at large entertainment venues and events are well aware of the loud noise levels and equipped with devices such as ear plugs to protect their hearing, audiences are often still subjected to dangerously high entertainment noise levels.
Music To Our Ears?
Many local government councils have taken to setting legal noise limits and noise curfews in order to better control over the noise levels of large events, particularly those held at outside venues.
This controversial issue however does not only extend to the larger venues but other general places of work too with over 1 million employees in Great Britain alone said to be exposed to potentially harmful noise levels every day.
As a result, a large number of businesses including those in the entertainment and music industry, such as pubs and clubs, are being urged to comply with the required 'legal limits' to protect those on the premises. The good news is that if you're in the entertainment industry and subject to noise limits or controls, there is an effective way to monitor noise exposure on your premises.
This involves managing the risk of hearing damage to their staff and audience through the use of special equipment. These measures will not affect the overall experience of the event and audience will still be able to enjoy the performance with the necessary noise controls in place.
Entertainment noise monitoring devices are available that are specially designed to be used at music venues such as pubs and nightclubs. These small pieces of equipment are lightweight and easy to use. They can be employed for temporary events as well as for permanent installation and regularly used venues.
Their versatile design works by activating when it's pre-set noise level is exceeded causing the device to respond with flashing lights with warning graphics and safety instructions. It will also indicate when hearing protection should be worn and automatically switch off once the noise level has fallen back down to below the triggered level.

A Data Logger can be added to record the entertainment noise levels and produce a record that can be printed out for reference. Remote units can be added to make sure everyone is aware of the risk of noise exposure even if they are away from the noise sources.

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