The Various Forms Of Entertainment That Your BMW Offers

Entertainment during a long car drive can be a great way to pass the time. It's good, then, that the designers behind the BMW's at BMW Chatsworth have created some of the best entertainment technology available for cars. A whole variety of entertainment features and packages are able to be chosen, designed to keep you and your backseat passengers happy on those long drives.
The technology available for vehicles at BMW Chatsworth isn't only focused on entertainment. One of their top priorities in terms of technology is the safety of you and your family, along with increased performance.
HD radio has been ultimately changing how people listen to their usual AM and FM radio. This special feature comes ready in your new BMW, and with this feature, you are automatically granted access to clearer, better sounding music from stations that have upgraded. HD radio really helps you to experience all that music and radio has to offer. When a song comes on, the name of the track and the artist pop up on the screen, letting you know just what you're hearing.

If you are a tried and true fan of music, you will be happy to hear how BMW is helping you get the most out of your music. You will be able to hear every single note of your music with the THX Certified Premium Audio System. You are able to decide just how many speakers you want to have in your car, and this makes your music experience a very special one.
Watching movies on a road trip helps make the trip not seem so long. When you purchase a BMW, you are able to decide if you want a DVD player installed. This six-disc DVD player fits into the glove compartment, where it can be easily accessed. The screen is located between the two front seats, and you are able to chose from wireless headphones or regular headphone jacks. This device can play both DVD's and music on CD's, which ensures that passengers will stay happily entertained for the entire duration of the drive.
You are also able to hook up your iPhone, iPod, or other mp3 device into your BMW, making music available right at your fingertips. You are easily to manage volume and track with easy access controls on your steering wheel or iDrive console.
Everyone of these technologies and more are accessed from your iDrive system. This advanced computer technology is where you would access directions and GPS, entertainment and music, and communication features. iDrive also comes with an optional hard drive where you are able to store your songs. In order to address the obvious safety concerns, BMW put the screen in a place where you will never have to take your eyes off the road.

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